networktocode.nautobot Release Notes


Release Summary

This release only changes the GraphQL inventory plugin. It fixes the ansible_host by removing the CIDR. The last change is the ability to specify nested relationships as well as fields that don’t have a relationship to other Nautobot objects such as serial, asset_tag, etc.

Minor Changes

    1. Add ability to add nested GraphQL relationships and non-relationship fields such as serial, asset_tag, etc.


    1. Removes CIDR from the ansible_host variable.



  • (#116) Fix graphql action plugin to support check mode

  • (#119) Documentation fixes

  • (#120) Documentation permission fixes


Minor Changes

  • (#110) Allow users to define any path for defining GroupBy Group names

  • (#115) Documentation fixes


Release Summary

Unbreak plugins/inventory/inventory.yml


  • Remove bad code in plugins/inventory/inventory.yml when locally built to publish that prevented it from grabbing all hosts


Release Summary

A few updates to the inventory plugins to support new options or require existing parameters.

Minor Changes

  • (#105) Documentation updates

  • (#107) Add tenant_group to group_by to inventory plugin

  • (#108) Add choices to group_by in gql_inventory plugin

  • (#109) token is explicitly required within gql_inventory plugin. (This was always true, but never enforced.)


Release Summary

Quick bugfix release for not attempting to resolve IDs for fields that a user has passed in an ID/UUID for


  • (#98) No longer attempts to resolve field ID/UUIDs if user passes an ID/UUID for a resolvable field


Release Summary

Adds inventory plugin leveraging Nautobot’s GraphQL API

Minor Changes

  • (#53) Adds inventory plugin using GraphQL API

New Modules


  • networktocode.nautobot.networktocode.nautobot.gql_inventory - Inventory plugin leveraging Nautobot’s GraphQL API


Release Summary

Updates format for modules to support Ansible 4 / ansible-core 2.11 arg spec verification changes

Major Changes

  • (#66) Remove data sub-dictionary from modules

Minor Changes

  • (#57) Adds nautobot-server module

  • (#75) Device Interface module supports custom_fields


Release Summary

Bug fix updates for label support and SSL version consistency


  • (#44) Add Interface Label Support

  • (#45) SSL Verify Keyword Consistency Update


Release Summary

Bug fixes and removal of NAUTOBOT_API and NAUTOBOT_API_TOKEN

Major Changes

  • (#33) Deprecates NAUTOBOT_API and NAUTOBOT_API_TOKEN environment variables


  • (#26) Add missing description to tenant_group

  • (#29) Add missing field to vlan_group

  • (#32) Fixed query on Virtual Chassis

  • (#35) Add Site, Device Tracebacks due to changes in Nautobot


New Modules


  • networktocode.nautobot.networktocode.nautobot.lookup_graphql - Lookup plugin to query Nautobot GraphQL API endpoint

  • networktocode.nautobot.networktocode.nautobot.query_graphql - Action plugin to query Nautobot GraphQL API endpoint







  • Remove code related to fetching secrets due to secrets not existing in Nautobot.


Release Summary

Removes dependency on ansible.netcommon and uses builtin ipaddress module


Release Summary

This is the first official release of an Ansible Collection for Nautobot. This project is forked from the netbox.netbox Ansible Collection.

New Plugins


  • networktocode.nautobot.lookup - Queries and returns elements from Nautobot

New Modules

  • networktocode.nautobot.aggregate - Creates or removes aggregates from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.cable - Create, update or delete cables within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.circuit - Create, update or delete circuits within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.circuit_termination - Create, update or delete circuit terminations within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.circuit_type - Create, update or delete circuit types within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.cluster - Create, update or delete clusters within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.cluster_group - Create, update or delete cluster groups within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.cluster_type - Create, update or delete cluster types within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.console_port - Create, update or delete console ports within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.console_port_template - Create, update or delete console port templates within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.console_server_port - Create, update or delete console server ports within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.console_server_port_template - Create, update or delete console server port templates within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.device - Create, update or delete devices within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.device_bay - Create, update or delete device bays within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.device_bay_template - Create, update or delete device bay templates within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.device_interface - Creates or removes interfaces on devices from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.device_interface_template - Creates or removes interfaces on devices from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.device_role - Create, update or delete devices roles within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.device_type - Create, update or delete device types within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.front_port - Create, update or delete front ports within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.front_port_template - Create, update or delete front port templates within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.inventory_item - Creates or removes inventory items from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.ip_address - Creates or removes IP addresses from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.ipam_role - Creates or removes ipam roles from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.manufacturer - Create or delete manufacturers within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.platform - Create or delete platforms within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.power_feed - Create, update or delete power feeds within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.power_outlet - Create, update or delete power outlets within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.power_outlet_template - Create, update or delete power outlet templates within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.power_panel - Create, update or delete power panels within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.power_port - Create, update or delete power ports within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.power_port_template - Create, update or delete power port templates within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.prefix - Creates or removes prefixes from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.provider - Create, update or delete providers within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.rack - Create, update or delete racks within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.rack_group - Create, update or delete racks groups within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.rack_role - Create, update or delete racks roles within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.rear_port - Create, update or delete rear ports within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.rear_port_template - Create, update or delete rear port templates within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.region - Creates or removes regions from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.rir - Create, update or delete RIRs within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.route_target - Creates or removes route targets from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.service - Creates or removes service from Nautobot

  • - Creates or removes sites from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.status - Creates or removes status from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.tag - Creates or removes tags from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.tenant - Creates or removes tenants from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.tenant_group - Creates or removes tenant groups from Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.virtual_chassis - Create, update or delete virtual chassis within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.virtual_machine - Create, update or delete virtual_machines within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.vlan - Create, update or delete vlans within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.vlan_group - Create, update or delete vlans groups within Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.vm_interface - Creates or removes interfaces from virtual machines in Nautobot

  • networktocode.nautobot.vrf - Create, update or delete vrfs within Nautobot